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I work at the SMIC Company, and can say that SMIC school is best value for the money.. Yeah, I’ve tried (and unsuccessfully) to get more funding for the school, but the school’s acceptance of other students rather than SMIC worker’s kids will bring more funding to the school and allow the school to thrive on its own.

The teachers at SMIC are great.. they are dedicated, committed and come from top schools in the USA, Yale, Cornell, Harvard etc..and with pay less than the international schools!! I don’t know much about the other international schools though…. However, I do know that SMIC’s new administrator for the high school is the former dean of languages from Phillips Academy, Dr. Yuan Han. and his wife was a math teacher at Phillips too. btw.. Phillips Academy is the best private high school in the USA with graduates such as Oliver Wendall Holmes, JFK Jr., George Bush Sr and Jr., Dana Delaney, Peter Sellers, Bill Belichick and Francis Scott Key (yeah the school started during the revolution) How do I know this? Phillips is my alma mater (PA class of 1996), Dr. Han taught me Chinese for 2 years there, his wife , Ms. Huang taught me Geometry/Trig during my soph year, and Linear Algebra my senior year. How did they get attracted to SMIC then when other schools were offering them tons more money?, partially because of SMIC’s mission, partially because they are from Shanghai, partially because they are retiring from PA so financial burdens are less, and partially from lobbying from yours truly!

I believe that SMIC school can only go up from here.. As it takes in more students, gets strong leadership from Dr. Han, becomes less dependent financially on SMIC Company, things are looking up.. and the tuition is a bargain.. so all i can say, take your kids there!

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