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It may not be the best yet but expats should definitely give Shanghai Livingston American School a look.

This may be the best up-and-coming school in the city. It is very small, which allows the excellent faculty to provide a significant amount of individual attention to its’ students. If you are looking for an American education and you are a non-native speaker, Livingston has one of the most progressive ESL programs around.

There are six different levels of ESL instruction in the middle and high school alone. The American population is small (about 10%) but Americans can get a college-prep environment. The new administration is all about academic rigor and excellence for all students and what a difference one year can make.

If you have looked at this school before and did not like what you saw, you should go have a second look. Significant curricular changes have really made this a fine academic institution.

Whether you are an expat looking to have your children learn English in an American environment or an American wanting a strong academic program for your children this is a good alternative to the “big boys”.