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Unfortunately, I have to disagree about Livingston. I thought the small classes, nice environment & reasonable tuition fee was a plus when I registered my kids last Fall but ended up taking them back to the US after only enrolled in class for two months bc my son & daughter (7 and 4 at that time) were the only native English speaker among ALL Korean speakers.

They had to boot my kids two grade levels up and they learned nothing, infact, fell behind when they entered school back home in CA.

I was also told when I first registered at their school that they were accredited by the US bc they used an American curriculum, but was misinformed when I contacted the US accreditation association directly.

The staff and teachers are very sweet, though I found that they are very young & inexperienced.

During a parent conference, I spoke with my daughter’s kinder/1st grade teacher who was a new graduate from the US, she told me she couldn’t wait til her contract was up in a year when she had only been in Shanghai for one month!

So I expect the turnaround rate of the teaching staff must be often.

On another note, has anyone ever heard of the Xiehe Chinese/International School in Hongqiao???

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