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Thank you to all who added comments about Jin Cai High School. Personally for me, I like the academics taught in China.

It is more academically challenging. As we have been living in Asia for 10+ years, my kids know nothing of the lax attitude towards schooling like in most Western Schools.

Good and bad points here… while it is good that schools want a “well-rounded” education for the kids, I believe that most of the time they are not being challenged enough.

For my kids, they are use to a more academic curriculum and not so much of a focus on athletics as in American Schools.

Don’t get me wrong as they love sports as any child would, but they also enjoy the challenge of competition among their peers. This is what they know and anything less, well, that is why I have the problem that I do now.

My kids, mind you, tell me that they are bored… they even ask for additional work… this is unbelievable to me. We had also lived in Singapore for 3 years and I loved the teaching method also.

I just thought that as Jin Cai had an international division, using USA textbooks and also an Asian division, possibly kids would have the best of both worlds?

Of course, each parent knows their kids better and what can work for them.

Unfortunately, my husband has made the decision that he wants us to remain in Thailand.

As I am not happy with the school in Pattaya – where we live – We will have to get a second residence in Bangkok as that is where the choices of schooling open up for us.

Although, if Shanghai was still a possibility, I would make a trip there to check it out. Again, thank you to all for your comments!!!

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