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I’ve read all the posts in this thread and found a few that mentioned YCIS but could anyone share personal experience or observation with YC-Pudong?

My husband works in Shanghai without an expat package so the inexpensive SMIC Private School sounds very attractive but its location is too far out. YC is closer to our future apartment and they seem to put relatively more effort on teaching students the Chinese language, which I like.

We’re from the US and my children have been attending (and enjoying) the local public school.

I know that YCIS is based in HK and HK is influenced by the UK. Is YCIS very different from other American-Curriculum based international schools?

YCIS in Shanghai (both Pudong & Puxi) follows an international curriculum based on the UK National Curriculum for England & Wales with an intensive Chinese programme attached. It offers PSAT and SAT testing for its own students only.

Hope this helps

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