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/profile/137-mikematters/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”137″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/137-mikematters/” rel=””>>@MikeMatters  you are so right about going to school where the kids will be able to practice the language they are learning. And even in a school where english is half a day…and the kids are at lunch break chatting with their friends in Chinese… can you learn to express yourself in english? When will they get a chance?

We know a family where all 3 kids studied at SHS at one point or another. 4th grade, not one native english speaking teacher (out of like 5-6) …and they are suppose to be learning english (daughter stayed one year). Son in 3rd grade, philippino teacher supposedly from the USA….but regardless, ineffective teacher using lots of worksheets so I question how much learning and writing (son pulled out after 2 months).

According to my friend, if you are doing average, you get something like a 75. If you are applying to college in the USA, they look at grade, ranking and what courses you take (AP, etc.). A 75 GPA would never get you into a decent college (equivalent to 80’s in the USA). Colleges have no idea what reputation SHS has, perhaps in China. But then again, a college would rather accept a 80’s GPA over a 70’s GPA anytime – no matter what school they go to (State University NY won’t even look at your application if your GPA is less than 78 and no one would consider that a tough school to get into and SAS won’t even consider you for school if the GPA is less than 80).

My friend believed in the ‘name’ of SHS, because the school’s reputation/name is supposedly so incredibly awesome. (maybe because they told her that and perhaps that might help you if you are going to CHINESE university from the local division) and has now totally regrets SHS but she can’t get her child into any other school because of her daughter’s 70’s GPA. Her daughter is stuck there.

Another example, grading should be relative to other kids in the school, my daughter got the 2nd highest grade on a science test (89), she got a B (15 kids or so and most got in the 70’s). Could have been a hard test. Could have been the teacher didn’t teach properly. Can’t be that all the kids were dumb.