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” I wanna work in the banking system or the businesses/big corporations or in the NGOs. Is there any chances?”

No chance working in banks here in China. Chinese banks do not hire foreigners. I cover this sector for a living and it is all “haigui” Chinese returning from overseas. Not a laowai to be found. Big corporations? Not likely, as most big multinationals are sending home their expats. The China “boom” has gone “bust.”

NGO? This is the sector I know -nothing- about so I cannot comment. I don’t think that there are a lot of NGO’s in China. In China EVERYTHING is by definition a government entity. There are groups like AMCHAM which is an NGO but they are limited.

If you can afford to come to China for a year and simply enjoy and learn then great. You will profit greatly in life from your time here. If you need to work and are planning long term then please reconsider. You can always make a few extra RMB teaching English to students while you study but that is really only beer money.

I have experienced your predicament first-hand with MBA students I’ve associated with. Classes from 2011-2012 wanted to stay and find jobs in China…..none found jobs. Classes 2013-2014 simply came, learned and found jobs elsewhere because they learned from the earlier classes.

I’m sorry if this is not what you want to hear but its true. Come, learn, enrich yourself, but plan to go home.