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As far as I know, you can only buy the Demand Draft at Bank of China or ICBC. You may be able to do it at ICBC without an account. I found that at Bank of China, the procedure was much more tedious and the transaction took at least three times as long as at ICBC, though you are able to retrieve it same day or next as opposed to ICBC’s 5 working days. The two Bank of China locations I have purchased from did require you have an account with them, but this may vary from branch to branch.

I don’t see why USAA would not accept Demand Drafts via mobile deposit, and if you read further back in this thread, it seems Lucylez has experience doing so. The draft is essentially a check drawn on a foreign bank, that is, if you buy one in China for USD it will be drawn on an affiliate US Bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve. So it is not a “foreign” monetary instrument. To simplify, the Demand Draft I purchased from Bank of China in Shanghai is issued in US dollars to be drawn at Bank of China in New York, NY. If I remember correctly, the Drawee Bank for one I purchased at ICBC was Bank of America. So, it’s US $ from a US Bank.

I have not had a problem depositing Demand Drafts via Mobile Deposit. My only issue is that the banks I hold accounts with in the US have low daily/monthly limits for mobile deposits. HSBC only recently launched this service for their personal banking customers. Daily limit is $3,000, monthly limit is $5,000. Their app sucks though and takes like 30 min to load on my ipad.

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