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/profile/42-henry78/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”42″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/42-henry78/” rel=””>@henry78 What are you talking about?

You have RMB, you exchange it for US$. Where do you get “multiple” exchange rates out of this?

And just how do you figure that a black market operation uses a more favorable rate than a legal one?

“Non-Conventional” methods of wiring money abroad? You mean like sticking the cash in a bottle sealed with a cork and throwing it in the ocean? Seriously, Homer, you’ve been watching too many cartoons. You either go through a bank or bank-like entity or give the cash to some stranger who will promise to deliver the money to your bank in the US. Just which do you think will cost more, the legal method or the illegal method? Oh, wait … don’t think, it’s going to hurt. Even if it were cheaper to go the underground route, you are talking about sending piss-ant amounts so you’d probably save something like $5.

Something smells fishy here. Was it a long trip from your planet to Earth?

You’re an English teacher, right?

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