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/profile/35-lucylez/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”35″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/35-lucylez/” rel=””>@LucyLez┬áHi Moron,

Thanks for your reply. Why do you people always assume the whole world comes from America? The multiple exchange in rates that I was referring to when using your forex method is that I have to change it to US dollars and changing it back to the currency from the whatever planet I came from.

I asked the question with much sincerity and I believe if an informative reply with personal experience can and will help many new visitors to this website.

I have 0 experience with wiring money in China and hence my question. But from the few other countries that I have previously worked or studied in before, I/we use to send money via the Indian muslim money changer and they are so cheap and efficient. In some case, the day I send the money (in cash), within the next hour or so the money is delivered by hand to my family’s home for a mere cost of RMB 30 equivalent. Can a conventional bank do that?

And thanks for your compliment but No I’m not a teacher. I’m not that qualified.

I hope someone with real experiences can lend a helping hand here??

Thanks in advance