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Just check with HSBC, they can help you.

But be aware. HSBC’s service is the worst banking service in the world.

Their workers change on a daily base. And if you think HSBC China is headache, be prepared for the worst in HK. Hang Seng Bank is unfortunately not an option since it’s owned and operated by HSBC.

The only advantage for HSBC is when you are a premier customer you can send money

between your own accounts through online banking in realtime.

Suspended services without warning and new security terms without sending you the updated security key are the norm. Service is just something they write on their adverts.

The hotline staff are always clueless. They give you a relationship manager, who will later change every month or two. And especially for HK, the staff there believes the world’s size is just 3 blocks around their branch and ask you if you can come over to sign documents, just because they cut your transfer limit. Compared to the Shanghai staff the HK people are not even motivated in solving problems at all.

I have the feeling HSBC HK is just an internet cafe for locals to pass time and get at least a good paying white collar job.

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