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To get a work permit in 99.9999% of cases, you need a bachelors, you also need in 99.99 percent of cases, to prove 2 years of legal work outside of china.

Good Luck

Secondly, there are a billion and a half Chinese that will get the job in front of you. so i would advise studying really really hard for 6 years, learn Chinese fluently, have an advanced degree, and then, maybe, you will be able to compete here. however, you will still probably be paid like a local, since they can just replace you so easily if you don’t feel you are appreciated.

10 years work experience, econ bach, MBA econ analytical finance, CFA Charterholder, and moved here by my company. I try to look for equivalent work, for a possible bump up to a director position somewhere, and I don’t speak fluently so I get passed up alot.

Go teach English like the rest of the Shanghai laowai schlubs.