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This is the single biggest issue I have here that absolutely enrages me.

I have had many yelling arguments over this.

I completely fail to understand why when crossing the road on green they actually come straight at you

What on earth are you supposed to do ????

Dive and duck out of the way?

An idiot came at me last week while I was walking across a crossing in his AUDI straight at me. I just stopped and made him stop it is the look you get that also amazes me.

Last year in Qibao a middle aged guy was trying to cross the road at a crossing on green pushing his aged mother in a wheelchair.

He just couldn’t get across, no way was anyone going to stop and let him get over. I stood in the middle of the road in front of the oncoming cars and stopped them until he crossed over. He thanked me but this idiot woman in her BMW yelled and started make obscene gestures i just smiled and walked on.

I wish someone would explain this behaviour to me because for the life of me I just cannot grasp it.

One early morning at school start time in Pudong the grandparents were talking the kids to school crossing the road again on a crossing. Idiot drivers were weaving in and out of them again not going to stop. Again I stood in the road and stopped the traffic until they got over. Many thanks from the old guys and obscene gestures from the moronic drivers.

However, I wish someone would explain to me why oh why, bearing in mind the effort that is put into families having children here, they then load them up on eBikes without any  protection whatsoever and play chicken with all the traffic.

Please Please Please, someone explain.

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