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I don’t have a problem hiring locals, this is Shanghai after all and I just don’t think it’s possible to hire expats that easily. But one thing I did notice was that a lot of the local candidates came horribly prepared for interview and gave outrageously stupid answers to questions. For example “Why do you want to work at this Company?” – in most cases I got “I don’t like the location of my current job and I want more money”. I’m never, ever hiring somebody that says that.

I had to filter through a stack of candidates and it took around 6 months to hire one position. This wasn’t helped by HR having some weird policy of sending me one CV at a time, but In the UK I could hire somebody within two weeks, maybe a month if things went badly.

It’s also a bit frustrating that because resources are relatively cheap, it results in the solution of throwing more monkeys on the typewriters rather than just doing it properly, or recognising that a talented person is worth more than three hopeless ones. But then, I should realise this is China, you don’t need talent, you only need guanxi.