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Forget Guanxi, just a waste of time. Somebody will just suggest useless relatives.

The best is stay away from Shanghainese. Just money wasting lazy arrogant folks.

They will of course brag how good their education is. But all that is lost the minute they pass the big test (Gaokao).

Shanghainese just want to work the least for maximum salary, don’t want to overwork and the worst, feel offended once they have to make use of their brain.

There are many hardworking people from other provinces who normally have a hard time to prove their abilities in Chinese companies because of strict hierarchy or the absence of any skilled personnel and management in local companies.

Also important. Women do better work than men. Most men are just spoiled by their parents because of the circumstance that boys are valued higher than girls.

Parents keep telling their daughters how much they would have preferred a son.

And girls mostly don’t benefit from Guanxi.