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I do agree, I find the men lazier than the women. That being said, it’s not like the women are great shakes either. I’m not saying all of them are crap, but the good workers are so rare they’re practically an endangered species.

And waidiren vs locals – waidiren are a lot more hardworking. You’d get a better bang for your buck with a waidiren. only thing is.. sometimes they’d get bullied by the shanghai ning. And managing the dynamics of that relationship is … tricky because the shanghai ning just won’t deal with it, regardless how loudly the waidiren sings their “oh woe is me” song.

Jumping ship is prolly more common with the youngins. and with every ship jumped, they expect to double or at least significantly increase their salary. I commonly see resumes where applicant has gone through 4 employers in a year. Why would you even put a 2 month stint in your resume? What could you possibly have learnt?