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2 minutes ago, Rezzie said:

Our company had the mistake of hiring to0 many female graduates,.. with a ratio of about 6:1 and one thing to watch out for is that a year or so after they were hired, 30% of the female grads was starting a family. Nothing wrong with it, just very inconvenient – business wise.

One story I heard before. Someone was looking for an assistant. During the interview, one qn asked were, do you intend to start family planning. She said no. She just got recently married and would like to focus on career.

Anyway, she got the job. After 3 months probation, she told her boss that she got pregnant. Well sh1t sometimes happens right? for the bosses I mean. But it turned out that she was already pregnant during the probation period.

They couldn’t sack her(of course not!) so the department had to employ another assistant to assist her. I wonder how it worked out.

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