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I do believe and agree with you both on that. We met a young Shanghainese some weeks ago in a pub.

He came over to chat with us becoz he heard us talking in german. It turned out that he was a fresh graduate, had done 1 year of exchange program in Germany.

He told us that he wanted to find a management job. With that he meant MANAGER JOB!

He had absolutely nada experience but he was convinced that he would make it BIG! He behaved as if he was better than us.

Anyway, he finally left us all alone after he have found some other victims.

I just wonder, a Chinese who had done some years of overseas studying stint was already so full of himself. What kinda person would a Chinese who was bred overseas be?

Ofcourse this may not apply to all Chinese but there are millions of them here and so is it “pure coincidence” that we happened to have met a bad apple representation?

Sorry, but I dont think so.

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