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I’m working here and I have an account at SPDB. I have a debit card.

I am 24 and really excited I finally have a job that allows me to save money AND travel. In the US I had a rewards credit card that helped with airline miles but I was convinced to close it when I moved here.

Now I would like to get a credit card, preferably one that I could get airline miles rewards on. Since most my travels for the next few years will be here in ASIA I was looking at a local card, maybe something that put miles toward airlines.

But what I have learned so far.

1. China doesn’t like to give cards to non Chinese.

2. If you don’t have a cr@p load of money, work for a top 500 company, and/or work visa it is impossible

3. If your unlucky, no credit card.

So I am assuming I can’t get a local credit card. I see nothing but bad news on the forums and articles. What I don’t see is anyone talking about using an international card.

Is it possible to open an American rewards card with my SPDB account? So it is easy to pay it off? I would only use the card to buy airplane tickets, hotels, basically travel stuff.

Since most is bought online, it might not have to be local. Is that possible? Or do American credit cards not accepting on Chinese internet? ( taobao, east china air, etc ) I’ve always had my Chinese gf buy things online for me because she has a rewards card.

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