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/profile/27-moonovermiami/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”27″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/27-moonovermiami/” rel=””>>@MoonOverMiami┬áThis is what I do too. Every few months I transfer a decent amount back to my US bank accounts, one to my university’s credit union, and another to Wells Fargo. A ton of local supermarkets (as opposed to ones that have an eye on foreign customers) accept VISA and Mastercards as well. And if they don’t, I tell them to wait for me while I go to the nearest ATM. All the ATMS I’ve come across accepted both cards as well, and I’ve never had problems. Of Course, because of the international fees and such, I do strategize on how I use my cards.

I’m quite surprised you canceled your American card, really. It’s not just that it’s hard to get Chinese credit cards, but from what I’ve heard and seen, there are a ton of hurdles obstructing expats like us who want to pay on foreign sites. And of course, if you buy digital stuff (on iTunes, Google, or Amazon), the address of your card is crucial.

I’ve also never heard of using Chinese bank info to sign up for a US credit card. Do you still have accounts in the US? Of course, what US banks will be interested in will be your credit ratings first, assuming you have a Social Security number (which I think you do, based on what you have revealed).

If you’re really desperate, and depending on the US Bank, you could ask to have a card linked to your parent’s accounts.