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/profile/171-snippets/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”171″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/171-snippets/” rel=””>>@Snippets you are right and wrong at the same time. Yes, in case of an emergency, taking too long to get to the hospital can kill you. But also, the wrong medical care can kill you.

I am talking from experience. No, I was not killed, but almost. Has a gall bladder problem and was going to Parkway, they had done ultrasounds and other tests and decided to put me on antibiotics. Said if it was not better in 2 or 3 days, they would do more tests. Also said that if it got worse, to go back right away. It got worse at 11 pm, I called them and as they do not have emergency, they said to go to Hua Shan foreign section. Which I did. The first couple of doctors they brought in did not speak English. Then a surgeon came who said I was ok and to go home. I was not ok!!! So I stayed, they refused to admit me because I was okay. Didn’t give me pain medicine either. At 8 am I went to Parkway and my gall bladder was just about to burst. Had surgery and survived. A couple more hours and I could have died.

And Hua Shan aint cheap either!!! Seeing Chinese doctors with no english, getting an ultrasound, the wrong diagnostic and some regular antibiotics cost around 3000 kuai. Not cheaper than Parkway I think (not sure cause have direct billing there).

The other day, my daughter ended up with fever at the Children’s Hospital. Blood test — infection. She needs antibiotics. And they brought her PILLS!!! She is 2 years old!!!! I yelled at them and they apologised, it was a mistake!!! What if i didn’t know and had given them to her???

I think it is important to know what are the limitations of hospitals in China and to have a plan in case of an emergency that cannot be handled here.

Not thinking about it and saying local hospitals are okay is not an option. I heard people say that if they can take care of emergencies for Chinese people, they can do it for foreigners too. WRONG!!! They do not take care of every emergency for Chinese people. And, if a Chinese person has the bad luck to have something they cannot handle — they die. Fortunately, for foreigners, there is the emergency evacuation option. But we have to stay informed and be aware of what can and cannot be done here.

And to answer the question, the only place I would go and have gone to in case of an emergency is Shanghai United. I don’t like them, but they are my best bet. Or my children’s best bet. If it is during working hours and it is not very very urgent, I will go to Parkway.