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4 minutes ago, Georgie said:

Perhaps she does not also realise the risks that are taken just by having an abortion? The risk of infection, possible problems with future conception, and not least the psychological effects she will also suffer.

Not true at all. Contrary to false claims on pro-life websites, abortion does not affect your ability to have future children, does not cause breast cancer, and does not lead to long-lasting psychological problems. Abortion is medically much safer than pregnancy and childbirth, and psychologically much safer than dealing with a child you’re not prepared for and don’t want.

On the subject of contraception, the morning after pill is available for cheap and without a prescription at almost all pharmacies in China. Men, consider buying some with your next purchase of condoms because every once in a while **it happens. Women, get some just in case–it might not happen to you, but maybe one of your friends…