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Hi everyone, I am hoping some of you can share some advice about my current situation. The last time I was in Shanghai back in 2016 my company took care of my health insurance for me, and being young and dumb I didn’t really take it upon myself to understand what my situation was.

This time around, I would like to be better prepared. I asked my new company if they could simply pay me my healthcare premium monthly, and I would go out and buy my own insurance (and cover whatever additional costs myself).

Their reply is that they would prefer to insure me using the company plan, and that I should purchase whatever additional coverage I want on my own.

I can’t see this being cost effective. In fact I’d rather skimp on my China coverage since services are cheap there and I wouldn’t even stick around if something really major happened (if I could help it in such a case) and have a robust US coverage. I also have no faith in collecting from a Chinese insurance company in the case of a real accident.

Are my requests unreasonable? What are your suggested solutions? Do I have any misconceptions?