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Hi /profile/185-principessa/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”185″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/185-principessa/” rel=””>@Principessa, hope you are pregnant by now and do not have to seek fertility treatment here…

If you are seeing private hospitals like Parkway Health, Worldpath Clinic etc, it is advisable to make an appointment. However, if you chose to go to the local hospitals here like Ji’Ai, they don’t make appointments for you. You will have to go there and join the queue with the rest of the locals (and occasional expats) to see the doctors. If you are planning to go to the local hospital, I heard Dr. Dong and Dr. Chen Hua are popular amongst expats.

I know the cost for IVF in Worldpath Clinic is about 65,000 – 75,000RMB (5,000RMB extra for frozen egg). As for Parkway Health, they will help you do all the prior test there but the actual procedure will be done in Ji’Ai hospital coz they don’t have license to do IVF in Parkway Health. The cost for IVF at Ji’Ai, I heard, is somewhere around 30,000RMB (yes…half of what you’ll be paying in a private hospital but you need to weigh the pros and cons)

Good luck.

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