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I had my daughter after going through infertility treatments in Shanghai (not IVF). But we did consider the option.

My (Chinese) husband did the research and found that Rui Dong Hospital is the most famous and highly respected hospital in Shanghai for IVF. I have visited their facilities and they are very clean and professional. It is not one of those crazy-crowded Chinese hospitals.

Some of the doctors in the infertility treatment division speak English. I suggest that you visit their facilities and see for yourself.

My two cents is that I would go to Rui Dong over a foreigner’s clinic like Parkway¬†or Shanghai United for something like IVF.

This is because the doctors at Rui Dong are experts in infertility treatment and are doing IVF on a daily basis, with a very high success rate.

Parkway has only a few gynocologists and they are doing mostly ON/GYN work (at least to my knowledge). I tried Parkway first back in 2003 for infertility and the doctor I saw just gave me some Clomid without doing any other tests.