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I am currently going to RuiJin for IUI but will probably be doing IVF next year. I have a friend who had IVF at JiAi though.

I think your US test results would be accepted. At Ruijin at least, I’ve given them test results from other hospitals and that was fine.

But it seems (at Ruijin) that they want to be able to follow your whole cycle and make changes in drugs/timing as necessary… for this reason, I don’t imagine that you’d be able to start a drug regiment overseas and then come to Shanghai for the ‘key’ parts of the cycle.

I imagine that you would need to be in Shanghai for the whole IVF cycle, at least until embryo transfer, though your husband would probably only need to be there for the egg collection/fertilisation day.

The protocols are basically the same as in the US/UK, so I’d use your experience in the US as a guideline for how long that would be…

Hope that helps – feel free to PM me if you like!