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/profile/215-shindam/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”215″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/215-shindam/” rel=””>>@shindam¬†Yes, I had the same experience at Parkway Clinic.

The way they charge is criminal. Charge you a fee just to register as a customer with them and they do not tell you so when you first get there. It’s only after the consultation that they whack you with a huge bill which include this “registration fee”.

I’d thought they will be happy to have new customers instead they want you to pay them for the “privilege” of giving them the business. What crap!!

There are way better places to go then… My 5-minute consultation costs me US$260 including this fee.

Ridiculous rite!

Hence if you dun wanna get fleeced, stay away.

Oh yes but they do a customer complaint service so when you get to them to complain of the charges, their favorite response is “we’ll look into it” but that’s all you’ll get from them.. Makes me sick all over but all I can tell them in the end is that they should not expect to see me back there.

Trouble here is that if they can communicate with us expats here in english then it’s like they have a licence to charge you what they please.