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Although I am no big Fan of Worldlink / Parkway neither I have to say that they improved big time in their service since been taken over by Parkway.

I wanted a 2nd opinion on a diagnosis received in a local Hospital and Parkway screwed up big time – which resulted in a huge bill and even worse, a big scare on my wife and me.

Anyway, after consulting with my health insurance provider we challenged Parkway on their diagnosis and they did a great follow up / Customer service.

They asked me to come back to see their Chief Medicine guy, a specialist and paid for all and comped the whole bill.

They also offered to pay for a follow up check up with a 3rd party Hospital chosen by me in my home country the next time I go back. During the whole time they talked to us, told us what will happening on the billing side and reimbursed my Cards right away

For sure, they are very expensive for what they do – and I do go to local Hospitals for most of things.

But sometimes I rather pay a bit more and know they understand me. And as said, I do think they improved big time.

And who knows, maybe they will adjust their pricing a bit – one can hope.

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