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Price at Parkway in Shanghai is absolutely outrageous. As far as I know, they are just medical middleman. They can’t check you blood. They have to send it to the local hospital lab. For a normal regular blood test or general chemistry screening blood test maximumly cost 400 RMB. But the bill you get from Parkway will be over 3000RMB.

MRI will also be done in local hospital. It cost around 400 RMB to 1000RMB.

But you have to pay over 10,000RMB if Parkway send you there. You have to prepare to pay 160000 to 25000 for your colonoscopy. But good news is this will be done in there clinic.

They do give you X-check at the clinic. Your bill will be 6000 RMB or more, I guess. This could be done in local hospital for over 100 RMB. Consultation fee is over 2000RMB. As I said before, you will pay around 2000RMB if you just have a minor problem provide the doctors can diagnosis right away.

Or you better check with your insurance company before parkway rips you off. Parkway makes more money by sending you to hospitals for check-up than they see you.

My advice is that if you need their diagnosis; bring the blood test result, X-ray or MRI with you. Some good hospitals in Shanghai have VIP service for foreigners. You probably pay twice than the locals for your check-up. But it is still way cheaper than Parkway. Don’t forget they send you to those hospitals too.

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