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Here is my list of Maternity Hospitals in Shanghai, the list is always growing and I welcome you to add other hospitals and your experiences to this post.

Redleaf Hospital

Offers gynecology, obstetrics, newborn care, pediatrics & postpartum recovery services that adhere to the highest international standards. 105 beds and 178 on-site parking spaces.

C-section rate: Most clients choose vaginal delivery.


Prenatal Package: 23,000 RMB

Natural Delivery: 73,000 RMB

C-section: 110,000 RMB

Prenatal packages includes check-ups from 12 weeks, initial & follow-up consultations, 15+ types of lab tests, ultrasound, fetal non-stress tests, & down syndrome screening tests. Individual services avaliable.

Pain relief: Yes, epidural and other pain relief available.

Midwife present: Yes

Water Births: Yes

NICU: Newborn special care nursery is available on site, for intensive care, new-borns will be transferred to Children’s Hospital of Fudan University.

Prenatal Classes: Available on-site in English & Chinese.

Breastfeeding Support: Yes

Parkway Health

International team of 80+ doctors and specialists offering premium medical services including family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology.

C-section rate:  40%


Prenatal: Between 15,000 RMB –  25,000 RMB

Natural Delivery: 60,000 RMB

C-section: 98,000 RMB

Prenatal packages: Available from 12 or 16 weeks. Includes blood tests, ultrasounds, genetic screenings and doctor consultations. Individual services available.

Pain relief: Epidural (locally made) not included in the delivery package.

Midwife present: Midwife is always present during labor.

Water Births: No

NICU: Birthing center equipped with an incubator for pre-term babies with no other complications, newborns are transferred to Fudan Hospital’s NICU.

Prenatal Classes: Available on-site in English.

Breastfeeding Support: Yes

Shanghai East International Medical Center

US-China joint venture providing a full range of world-class services including family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology and on-site 24-hour emergency services.

C-section rate: Below 30%


Prenatal care from 12 weeks: 25,000 RMB / from 24 weeks 15,000 RMB

Normal Vaginal Delivery: 62,000 RMB / Operative Vaginal Delivery: 72,000 RMB

C-section: 86,000 RMB

Prenatal packages available during trimester 1 or 2, Packages start at 12 & 24 weeks & cover all consultations and check-ups until birth. Individual services available up to 24 weeks.

Pain relief: Epidural (locally manufactured) on-call support from anesthesiologist.

Midwife present: Yes

Water Births: No, but a bathtub is available.

NICU: No, Has a partnership with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center for emergencies.

Prenatal Classes: CPR & First Aid, Prenatal Available on-site in English & Chinese.

Breastfeeding Support: Yes

Shanghai United Family Hospital

Medical hospital offering a wide range of medical services with international standard treatment. Offers an English-speaking emergency department operating 24/7.

C-section rate: 30%

Cost: Check the website for current prices.

Pain relief: Natural pain relief, Entonox, epidural all available.

Midwife present: Yes

Water Births: Available by patient providing equipment.

NICU: Yes.

Prenatal Classes: Both English & Chinese classes are available.

Breastfeeding Support: Yes, Daily lactation consulting services, midwife clinic for breastfeeding. LLL meeting on-site.

American-Sino OB GYN, Pediatrics Services

Providing a comprehensive array of on-site services for women and children, including obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics, by certified specialists from overseas and China.

C-section rate: 40%

Cost: Prenatal Care: 20,000 RMB

Normal Vaginal Delivery: 45,000 RMB

C-Section: 70,000 RMB

Pain relief: Painless services available.

Midwife present: Yes

Water Births: Yes in cooperation with ASOG International Hospital.

NICU: On site in ASOG International Hospital.

Prenatal Classes: English & Chinese classes are available, including yoga, postnatal pilates.

Breastfeeding Support: Yes ASOG offers professional breastfeeding support.

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