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I believe your story completely and it sucks. We live near Zhongshan and have been there many times- even had minor surgery.

There are times when we get physicians that are magnificent — better than any Western doctor that we have found here or in Beijing.

BUT at the same time, we have come across doctors who shouldn’t be allowed to touch animals. We don’t even bother with them.. once they start showing their lack of skills, we walk out. Granted, you don’t have this option when you are in the emergency room.

By the way, you were VERY kind to Zhongshan by not describing their scary ER. Yes, been there before and was scared.

Ok, my point: your situation was unfortunate, but I assert as a possibility, it had nothing to do with the fact your wife is not a local, it has more to do with the staff there at the time. The reason I want to say this is I do not want your wife to feel unwelcome here.

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