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I recently became sick and spent 2 weeks in the hospital because of the mononucleosis. I went in the foreign section of Huashan hospital and I think they are good, but my insurance (a kind of French social security for expats = CFE) has no contracts with hospitals in China, so I had to pay 30000 RMB from my pocket (I will be reimbursed in one month).

The problem is that it can be much more expansive if I need surgery so I’m looking for an insurance which does direct billing in Shanghai (and in France). I asked the accountant to give me the list of insurance companies which have contract with them.

Is anyone having some experience with direct billing insurance for expats in China ? 

Which insurance you think would fit to a single young man (it can be an insurance not listed above)? I heard BUPA or CIGNA are very good, but they don’t appear in the list…


PS: I would like to advice you to NOT go to Changzheng hospital near People Square, I went there 4 days before going to Huashan and they were not very hygienic and they were wrong: they gave me antibiotics whereas I had a virus infection…