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I gave birth in Ruijin hospital around 2 years ago. In the Guang Ci hospital (inside ruijin hospital).The doctor is great and speak english, service is good.

They have a paediatric on site.(just next building) and I know they’ve been improve the ob/gyn section, by moving the maternity section to the 3rd floor of the guang ci hospital, and all babies will be rooming in with the mother immediately. And I paid all together for that time around RMB 25.000-27.000. Though now there is a rise in the price.

As for Huashan they are modern, nice hospital, everybody speak good english. They have package 40.000rmb for natural birth and 60.000 RMB for c-section.they have 4D ultra sound, they will take you home with the ambulance.

But as for what i know from my friend that gave birth there last year ,they don’t have paediatrics section on site. so just in case the baby is small or premature they must transfer the baby to the children hospital .

I don’t really like the idea to move such a small infant around the city. So this what happened to my friends, she stay in huashan for 7 days and the baby was in the other hospital.(her baby was abit smaller than full term baby , to do the good check up, and to put inside the incubator they must move the baby to Shanghai children hospital)

She even never saw the baby for the first week, she must stop the breastfeeding , and imagine the frustation of not being able to see your baby for days!

The do have paediatrician in huashan but only to do the basic check up after the baby is born.

You can go to the hospital and have a look and talk to the doctor before you make your decision.

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