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Based on the horror stories I have heard from those who have used Ruijin hospital for delivery, I would never recommend Ruijin to anybody (unless they wanted a chance of experiencing first hand a C section with zero anaesthesia – both during and post op).

Apart from that, being male, I cannot comment on the Ob/Gyn facilities at either hospital, although I have turned to the foreign clinic at Huashan a couple of times – the variance in quality of service was huge and I met doctors there who were skilled and compassionate and others whose medical knowledge barely exceeded those of an educated layman and, if they actually cared about their patient’s health, did a wonderful job of concealing it.

I still tend to recommend Huashan to those looking for a midpoint between the basic < 10 RMB "fully local" care (which you can indeed get if you speak Chinese or are with a speaker, although sometimes you might need to put your foot down) and the USD 100 Parkway-type service. Oh, bear in mind that sometimes the doctors you get for the inflated foreign/VIP price are exactly the same as those you get for the Chinese price, although they may (only may) speak a bit more English. If cost is an issue, watch carefully what doctors are prescribing. Doctors are sometimes under pressure to boost sales at their hospital pharmacies, which means they will prescribe you with many unnecessary (e.g. expensive imported vitamins or brand name off-patent medications) yet expensive medications. Oh, and they just love putting you on a drip and putting a liter or so of saline/dextrose into your blood regardless of the specifics of your complaint. I personally am not sure of this practice (do you really want to spend 5 hours in a ward with poor sanitation with some serious sick people?).

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