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I’d skip the commuting gig, Shanghai to Suzhou. Huge P.I.T.A. Getting up early, off to the train station (if you can actually get a taxi), train trip, then wait at SZ train station taxi queue along with rest, a good 20-25 mins on a good day with a stiff breeze.

Then reverse on the way back home at night.

You’re going to one very irritable Laowai in about (tick-tick-tick) 3 days of doing this. Your productivity will probably suffer, along with your home life.

My definite recommendation is “No commuting”. Rent an apartment here for your work time or move to Suzhou.

Not like we have a shortage of Laowais and the attendant camp followers setting up shop to cater to our desire for Brie, stuffed olives, ribs – whatever- it’s all here. Trust me/us on this.

You will be pleasantly surprised. 92.6% of the goodies (food) offered in Shanghai are here and reachable in quick time = minutes.

DON’T COMMUTE. Not an optimal solution ! If you want to go to SH it’s a no-stress train ride (35 min) and play there.

Trust me. I’ve been in Suzhou 6 years, 9 months and 19 days (brief disqualifying trips to Oz excluded).

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