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I would not assume that your International hospital bills will be paid by the taxi driver. The police may ‘localize them’.

You should also consider the impact the bills will have one someone who only earns 20rmb an hour. It maybe several years salary for him when he is already living under hardship.

The reason why the driver might not be interested in how you are going is because they are scared to death of the liability and what this might mean to him. Most likely he will have to move his whole family back to their hometown ashamed and broke with little opportunity of future employment.

I think this is something you need to consider carefully. Yes he hit you, but you were on the road, green man or not. It is dangerous here and that is a risk we take.

As for the surgery required, there are many really good world class surgeons here, they will most likely be Chinese. Don’t underestimate how good the local surgeries maybe cost and quality wise.

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