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My wife broke her ankle (ice skating and badly broken) here in Shanghai and needed a plate and screws to get it repaired. It was done at the international hospital by a local Chinese surgeon in the local operating theater, as is customary with all international hospitals. He was a young guy who did an excellent job, very little scar, and no further problems, my wife walks as though it never happened and you can not see the scar now.

It was mega expensive but covered by insurance.

You are in a difficult moral position, up to you and your conscience how you proceed with the guy who hit you. I would imagine the expenses will be based on local costs, not the inflated ex-pat costs.

For information, my wife’s bill was just over USD 36,000 for everything (the removal operation a year later included). Local hospital was quoting USD 3,000 for the first operation but that might have been high, because they saw a foreigner present (my wife is Chinese).

If you don’t have insurance then all reading take note. Get full medical cover in any contract you have out here and if you are self employed, then weigh up the costs very carefully as to whether medical insurance is preferred.

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