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Well, this is a real life story. I took my little cousin to a clinic in Xian (we ended up there on a tour with family and the concierge at the Shangrila sent us to the main Military Hospital downtown) and he had an issue ‘down there’ after sleeping with some questionable girls (Windows lah;)) So.

The docs took one look at him, laughed and gave us some pills, I assumed it was what you refer to as ‘the clap’ but, never having had one myself, not gonna go out on a limb on this one.

No escort to the nearest airport, no get out quick thing…Just a polite nod, a humbling experience and well, a great story for me to tell people!

Besides, I sat there the whole time ragging him saying; Look jackass, the first thing I showed you was where to buy condoms…What are ya, an Idiot?!? He got the picture I think…

Anyways, I did know someone that supposedly knew someone that was kicked out for having aids, but that was years ago and before China officially ‘had’ aids so…Today? Who knows…

But, best bet? Get a card from Huashan Hospital and then go get the test. Better safe then sorry…I mean, if you are that promiscuous and lose your caballito and your two bandaleros to syphillis, wouldn’t you rather have known about it before hand?

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