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Seems like a fair enough package; a few things i’ll comment on.

Housing is $9600 per month and utilities, phone and internet paid by company –

This is about average for your size family. You’ll definitely find housing you like with that budget.

car with driver $59K –

this seems higher then what it would normally take.

For example, I get a car and driver 6 days a week for 12hrs per day…. try to find out that kind of details.

paid schools – normal.

full paid medical – this is above average, i keep my normal healthcare in USA, this would be a nice benefit.

moving and storage $10K (I assume for the three year assignment) – this seems low. it costs ALOT of money to move stuff over, and storage in USA for 3 years isn’t cheap. My company paid this in full, and i think it’s costing them at-least double that amount.

settling allowance of $8,900 – normal… it depends on relocation – my company usually gives 2x monthly salary for moving to country & 2x monthly salary for moving back from country

company-paid home leave (coach class) per year – normal… coach sucks, you should be able to upgrade this though

Visa paid by company, relocation assistance on-site, one month temp accommodation while looking for house. Domestic help (ayi, security, gardening) on our own account – all normal.

Only thing that seems missing is premiums to current salary… i’m not sure if there are any in your package, but my company offers a few premiums – hardship premium, 10%, living overseas premium, 10%, and a few additional bonuses.

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