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I am also looking for health insurance that can cover my pre-existing conditions, I have the following pre-existing medical conditions but I should underline that I am in good health otherwise. I have a mostly well balanced vegetarian diet and I exercise regularly:

1. Sleep apnoea (I sleep with a CPAP machine)

2. High blood pressure and high cholesterol treated by medication

3. Diet and exercise controlled Type 2 diabetes (no medication)

4. Enlarge prostrate (my last PSA was 6.8) I am waiting to do an MRI scan to make sure all is well. I have no signs of any problem otherwise.

5. A few small patches of Psoriasis.

6. I had a heart attack Dec 2010 and had one stent inserted. I am on blood thinning and heart stabilisation medication. I am otherwise in good health and exercise regularly.

I take the following medicaition:

Atorvastin – 20 mg

Bisoprolol – 2.5 mg

Clopidogrel – 75 mg

Candesartan – 2 mg

My weight is: 166 lbs. My BMI is 24.9. My height is: 5ft 8.5 inches.

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