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For the past two years I have retained my full and free Canadian health care coverage while in China. I pay an additional $2,040 CDN per year for extended health coverage with my former employer, which includes dental and drug coverage and life insurance, as well as emergency travel medical coverage.

However, if I do not return to Canada by September 1, 2016, all Canadian health care coverage will be terminated.

Therefore, I need new coverage. I have no outstanding conditions: I had surgery for two detached retinas (1996 and 1997), torn cartilage surgery on my knee in 2006, and two cataract surgeries in 2007.

Since then, nothing. I would say that I am in excellent health for my age. I have indicated the essential coverages that I need; the others–dental, eye, and wellness–would be nice to have, but they are not essential.

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