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1 minute ago, AngelinaLu said:

Alright, I stand corrected; I shouldn’t have talked about virginity only. What I mean by gender equality is that if a 35-year-old man can still easily find someone to marry, why should a 35-year-old woman find it difficult to do the same? I am only asking for your honest opinion about this. Thank you.’

There are biological differences. Women are less likely to conceive easily and bear healthy children as they age. This is at least part of the reason for the stigma. (Note: recent research shows that as men age, they are less likely to father healthy children, but this is ignored.)

It’s also generally true that men of all ages find women of prime child-bearing age to be more superficially attractive than those outside the prime 20 to 30 age bracket. Sometimes, you can’t fight biology.

Nevertheless, I fully agree with you. The term “leftover women” is insulting, demeaning, sexist and unjust. There is no more reason for women to be treated as “best before” goods than it is for men to be treated this way.

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