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This is a fine view to have of the world but sometimes reality is different. China is quickly evolving on the marriage front. Look at what the marriage prospects were just 50 years ago to today. From a majority arranged marriages to some hybrid form today and tomorrow looks like women will be taking over the social institution completely as the market forces of supply and demand trump dated and obsolete models.

There are down sides. A lot of money is being locked up by men saving every yuan they can for apartments, cars, and gifts. Housing prices keep skyrocketing taking more money out of the economy each year. The divorce rate is also skyrocketing as women are more empowered and independent and with many more men available they are less inclined to put up with the bull crap men dish out. This will change a lot of things but one other item of caution, love.

Love is a nice concept and makes for great songs, tv shows, movies, and books but in reality its nothing like fiction. Be realistic and build a relationship off of trust and mutual vision/goals. While opposites attract without something else holding them together the potential for disaster is too great. Beyond common interests like movies, food, sense of humor there needs to be similar outlooks and expectations for life. People maybe in hormonal love/lust for a few years but once the kids are older and retirements is around the corner you have to know you will be comfortable talking to and sitting around staring at each other as your looks and ability to do things break down and fade away. You just need to be a little more practical in the approach and realistic in the outcome.

Looking at the US society where this change occurred 40 years ago with the women’s liberation movement you can see where things have led. Women there have much more social mobility and freedoms from before but happiness and life contentment are down. There are a large number of single mothers out there, divorced multiple time women, professionals who never married and seem to not want to, and a growing generation of emasculated men who have no clue of what to do, how to act, or pretty much anything. China could be heading down this road if not careful.

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