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i suspect each person’s learning curve and each tutor’s teaching capability are different. I’ve seen a few people with zero Chinese skills take one hour of private tutoring (one to thrice a week) before work and they still cannot communicate after three months.

Personally, unless you are skilled with languages and/or make a concerted effort to study consistently, I would go with a more structured learning environment. The language programs at the universities (Fudan/Jiaotong/Tongji/etc) are pretty good. A colleague did a year of part time (3 hours/day, 5 days/week) and can get around without a problem.

I did a year at Fudan during college and while I speak colloquial Chinese quite fluently I just signed myself up for part-time Business Chinese classes later this year (2.5 hours/day, twice a week, after work) to refresh.

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