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    Stating the obvious I know but have you (OP) told your bank you will be in China?

    A colleague of mine had his account frozen after he made a withdrawal here.

    The bank deemed it an unusual transaction. He got it sorted out in a few days but you won’t want that hassle.


    /profile/148-humac/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”148″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/148-humac/” rel=””>@Humac yeah, Iv’e had that problem in the past too, sometimes they have automatic systems also, whilst travelling previously I had a master card blocked 3 times, even though they were informed, and when they blocked it the first time in Amsterdam.

    I again explained that i am travelling, but they still went ahead and blocked it again a few weeks later!

    oh well- at least it shows they do actually have security, no matter how annoying it can be.


    Thanks everyone, some great advice, I will raise my daily limit online, and try again, ps my bank is in Czech Republic, but its master card debit card, so thats what it is important right?

    As for a local bank account, how does it work here? can I open an account just with my passport? do I need an address as Im living in Hotels!

    if yes- what deposit is made to open an account, and when or how do they issue a card, I am living Monday to Friday 70km from shanghai center, and Friday afternoon to Sunday in shanghai center.

    Thanks for any more advice.


    China Merchants Bank is good, can open with just a passport, you get a union pay card and the internet banking is available in English.

    I’ve had my English card swallowed twice here, not because of wrong PIN, but because I forgot to eject it after taking the cash.

    You should note that Chinese cash machines do not give your card back before giving you the cash, like European machines do, therefore it’s very easy to forget your card. Having said that, both times I called the number on the cash machine and picked up my card from the bank a couple of days later.

    Bank of Shanghai is pretty helpful like that, so I would recommend losing your card in THEIR machines if you have to lose it!


    I have a Mastercard debit card from a credit union in the US and have had no problems drawing money from any of the atm machines in Shanghai that display the Mastercard logo. If you can pay with it in stores then there should be no issue. Are you pressing the right buttons on the atm machines? Some atm’s ask whether your card is local or outside / foreign, I once pressed the wrong options and couldn’t draw money.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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