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    Since the debut of Mickey Mouse in 1928, Disney has been the world’s leading family entertainment company.  Through timeless stories such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Toy Story and The Lion King; and beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, children and adults alike have felt a special connection with Disney.

    Disney has been publishing children’s books and developing English Language Learning materials for more than 70 years.  Drawing upon this knowledge, Disney has created Disney English – an innovative form of English Language Learning that inspires children to learn more effectively.

    In developing the program, Disney worked with a world renowned academic advisory board to create a unique learning system called The Disney Immersive Storytelling Approach.  This approach uses all of a child’s innate skills to stimulate their ability to learn.

    Position Overview

    Disney is looking for exceptional Language Learning Directors (LLDs) to manage all academic operations inside Disney English Language Learning Centers throughout China.  The LLD will be responsible for managing the foreign and local trainers and overall program delivery and ensuring that Disney English is an unforgettable experience in the classroom for all of our young language learners, age 2 to 12.

    The LLD reports to the Center Manager with an indirect reporting relationship to the Regional Language Learning Director (RLLD).

    Main Responsibilities

    • Work with Human Resources to continually identify new local and foreign trainers for the Disney English Center and ensure that new trainers are immersed in the Disney English and broader Walt Disney culture.
    • Responsible for thorough on-boarding, professional development of new Trainers and ongoing team building.
    • Deliver up to 8 hours per week of ongoing, regularly scheduled classes and additionally substitute for absent trainers based on center needs.
    • Responsible for overseeing all local and foreign trainers’ classroom schedules and ensuring an optimal utility of all Trainers based on the number of enrolled children.
    • Motivate Center academic staff to continue to develop the classroom training skills required to deliver both an extremely academically effective and engaging learning experience.
    • Constantly monitor not only each enrolled child’s progress but also stay current on their and their parents’ satisfaction with the program as well as the aggregate results of the student body for the Center.
    • Ensure high quality classroom delivery by auditing classes and reviewing individual Trainer performance, providing timely, constructive and comprehensive feedback to each Trainer.
    • Communicate to the academic staff any changes related to the academic delivery or content as well as participation in sales/marketing events.
    • Resolve any academic and/or operational complaints related to the delivery or content of the Disney English program that may arise from staff, parents or children.
    • Conduct on-going academic staff meetings to focus on professional development and resolution of classroom issues with staff and learners.
    • Oversee the placement of all children in the Disney English program in the Center and open new class slots for the sales team if and when demand requires.
    • Collaborate with the Marketing team and Center Manager to develop and implement academic and sales events within the Center.
    • Oversee the Center realia supplies including the maintenance, cleaning and replenishment of materials on an ongoing basis.
    • Assist the Content Development team with future academic content based on the immediate results observed within the classroom.
    • Ensure that comprehensive learner records are maintained by each trainer in both print and electronic format through occasional audits and on-going training of formal and informal assessments.

    Job Qualifications

    • 5 or more years relevant work experience preferred
    • Internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification
    • Exceptional native English pronunciation
    • Strong organizational and detail-oriented capabilities
    • Proven track record in team leadership and staff management
    • Creative, self-motivated problem solver who can perform under pressure
    • Strong people skills with the ability to continually hire, train and manage staff
    • Bachelors degree required; advanced degrees preferred
    • Able to commit to a minimum of a 12 month contract
    • Able to stand for extended periods of time, squat and bend.  Frequent lifting of one to five pounds and occasional lifting of up to 40-50 pounds is required.

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