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    Happy Marian has been using the whole language approach to learning since 1991. The focus is on developing the whole personality as well as language and literacy training. Over the years more than 10,000 students have graduated after making some outstanding achievements, setting the standard in Asia for language learning. Many scholars, parents, and children alike praise the system.

    Starting in 2003, the program was expended to include elementary school students and established the E class system in order to accommodate more students who didn’t have a significant English foundation and wanted to benefit from the program.

    The educational goal at Happy Marian is to cultivate children’s positive thinking, talents, leadership, and English ability. Children can take advantage of the program to become more competitive in today’s global market.

    Job Details

    Looking for ESL teachers, with the following qualities:

    Native Speaker ONLY from U.S, CAN, AUS, UK;

    Experience in teaching kids English (min 1yr);

    Pleasant personality; patient, full of RESPONSIBILITY, creativeness and of course ENERGY;

    Working Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurday, Friday evenings and weekends;

    Enjoys teaching

    PLS: Forward

    Resume with a recent picture.

    Copy of Pass

    Working Area: PuDong District, JingAn District, YangPu District, XuHui District, MinHang District, ZhaBei District

    Email: [email protected]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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