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    Hi Everybody,

    I hope you can help me to make so difficult decision as to choose a hospital for delivery. I realised that my insurance doesn’t cover United Hospital prices (in which I had check ups so far) so I have to change it.

    Please share your experience with me. I have the following questions about above mentioned hospitals:

    1. What is the delivery cost (natural and C-section)?

    2. What is the price for regular check-up? any prenatal packages?

    3. Names of English speaking doctors you recommend or not

    4. Does the stuff speak English?

    5. If I choose a gynaecologist, will she assist me during delivery even if she is not on duty at this time?

    6. What else should I check before making a decision?

    7. What are your own feelings regarding these hospitals?

    It is so difficult for me, so I really appreciate your tips/recommendations.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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