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    Yes, no one force us to go, but what choice we have?

    I went to Family United Hospital in January, to see OB (I had a reason to go), she sent me to Ultrasound and to check my blood for hormones.

    Today I got a call from the Hospital – my insurance company refused the pay and now I have a bill for 6500 RMB……

    Honestly, I was really shocked, I have never heard before an insurance company refused to pay.


    Can someone point me to the price list for Parkway for their services? ie. GP visit, X-ray, etc. I can’t seem to find it online.

    Trying to figure out how much out of pocket I would be based on my expat insurance.


    Price at Parkway in Shanghai is absolutely outrageous. As far as I know, they are just medical middleman. They can’t check you blood. They have to send it to the local hospital lab. For a normal regular blood test or general chemistry screening blood test maximumly cost 400 RMB. But the bill you get from Parkway will be over 3000RMB.

    MRI will also be done in local hospital. It cost around 400 RMB to 1000RMB.

    But you have to pay over 10,000RMB if Parkway send you there. You have to prepare to pay 160000 to 25000 for your colonoscopy. But good news is this will be done in there clinic.

    They do give you X-check at the clinic. Your bill will be 6000 RMB or more, I guess. This could be done in local hospital for over 100 RMB. Consultation fee is over 2000RMB. As I said before, you will pay around 2000RMB if you just have a minor problem provide the doctors can diagnosis right away.

    Or you better check with your insurance company before parkway rips you off. Parkway makes more money by sending you to hospitals for check-up than they see you.

    My advice is that if you need their diagnosis; bring the blood test result, X-ray or MRI with you. Some good hospitals in Shanghai have VIP service for foreigners. You probably pay twice than the locals for your check-up. But it is still way cheaper than Parkway. Don’t forget they send you to those hospitals too.


    Thanks, I would call them except I am 13 hours behind and cannot seem to find that 1-2 hour window to do it. I will have my relo company fax or email me the list. If someone here has it, please share. The above pricing sounds outrageous – I would like to confirm it.


    I have to say, as someone who goes to Parkway (for myself or the kids) about 3 times a month, that they do a lot of the stuff in house.

    They do x-rays in house, blood tests (the lab is on the 2nd floor, where the kids clinic is), ultrasounds, all sorts of ENT procedures, all sorts of digestive investigations.

    They do not have an MRI or CT scan machine, but except for that I don’t think they ever send patients outside. And, when you do go outside for an MRI or CT scan, they send a nurse with you, who speaks English, takes care of everything, you just go in and out. And local hospitals are not able to provide the insurance papers, so the 1000 RMB you pay there is about the same as what you end up paying out of pocket at Parkway, and they take all the hassle out of it.

    I am not sure about many prices, but here is what I do know:

    To see a GP is costs between 400 and 1000 RMB, depending on what they do.

    To see a specialist is between 600 and i think 2000, also depending on what you need.

    Blood tests are not expensive at all, a couple of hundred RMB.

    I had my gall bladder removed there 2 years ago, spent about 12 days in the hospital, had a bunch of tests done, and everything, including the surgery, the room, the pre and post op, all the medication cost if i remember correctly 15000 USD.

    I didn’t pay anything, just footed the bill. And it was a great experience, much better than a US hospital.


    Whatever the case .. I was in Parkway in Tomorrow Square .. let me say this, if you want to get robbed in daylight Go there !! It will be the best robbery experience you will find.

    I went there to check out something – and it cost me over USD 1000

    Now get this, I went to a local doctor a week before goin to Parkway – a colleague arranged this for me – and it cost me RMB 100 ( an experience – but not too bad )

    Then I went to Parkway wanting a 2nd opinion and got robbed for over 8k RMB – the killer part is this they didn’t know what is wrong and doc did not even have the courtesy to tell me on the phone and got his nurse to say come back in a month .. YEA RIGHT !!

    Here is the Punch line – Local doctor for a fraction of the price and could speak english told me the symptoms will go away in a month or so and normally due to just hypertension etc.. Expat – so called better doctor’s in Parkway- could not even speak to me on the phone and said come back in a month.

    Granted it was my choice to go there for 2nd opinion .. I just want to share this .. Not worth it there .. unless u want get robbed in broad daylight with a smile .. Ohh and get this I was charged for “treatment” .. I’m still wondering what that is , seeing I was never given any drugs or a solution or correct diagnosis .. whereas local specialist told me what it was exactly.


    To my family, we won’t go back to Parkway any more since my husband had very bad experience with their dental services.

    Just for fixed normal cavities, costed my husband had bad swollen on the day after, and he called back for explanation, the assistant just said it was normal symptom, even didn’t want us back for checking again…. I feel so bad………..even till now.

    Luckily, we have been introduced by our friends to DDS Dental clinic in Pudong for the rest of dental treatment, I should say thanks much to them, the dentist was so kind with well trained. For sure, we will be back again once we need. I would like to share this wonderful experience with each one!!!

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