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In Shanghai medical fees are set by the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau and apply to all non-expat hospitals. Like American hospitals, each and every element of an examination is broken down and assigned a fee. Included here are some of the more common items. Medication is not included nor are surgical procedures.

Hospitals are assigned a rank based on their capability:

Level III: Large university-affiliated teaching hospitals.

Level II: District area hospitals with one or two specialized areas.

Level I: Local or rural health centers providing more basic care.

Expats are advised to seek treatment at Level II facilities for common ailments (colds, food poisoning, cuts and scrapes, etc) and Level III for anything else. Level III hospitals include Dongfang, Ruijin, Renji, Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital.

Registration Fees

Hospital Card: 1.5 RMB

Hospital Book: 1.5 RMB

General Outpatient Consultation Fees

Level III: 14 RMB

Level II: 10 RMB

Level I: 7 RMB

Expert Outpatient Consultation Fees

Level III

Deputy Director: 17 RMB

Chief Physician: 20 RMB

Level II

Deputy Director: 14 RMB

Chief Physician: 17 RMB

(In China most physicians are specialists. For example, if you have a rash you will see a Dermatologist directly and pay according to the “General” fee schedule (above). “Expert” refers to physicians holding senior titles in their respective departments. Expert consultations normally require an appointment.)


General Check-up and cleaning

Scaling (Plaque removal): 100 RMB

Polishing: 200 RMB

Fluoride treatment: 2 RMB/tooth

Dental X-ray: See X-ray section


Composite resin filling: 40 RMB

Glass ionomer filling: 30 RMB

Amalgam filling: 20 RMB

Pulp capping: 15 RMB

Pulpectomy: 40 RMB

Pulp plasticizing therapy: 30 RMB

Root canal preparation: 20 RMB

Root canal filling: 50 RMB

Advanced Micro root canal therapy (w/ surgical microscope): 100 RMB

Tooth fracture repair: 50 RMB

Abscess incision and drainage: 25 RMB

Teeth whitening: 1500 RMB

Front veneers: 200 RMB/each


Appliances (i.e. Braces): 3000-6000 RMB depending on type of correction necessary

Basic Wound Care

Debridement (Cleaning and suturing)

Large (8 sutures or more): 100 RMB

Medium (5-7 sutures): 50 RMB

Small (0-4 sutures): 20 RMB

Dressing (Bandaging)

Very large: 15 RMB

Large: 10 RMB

Medium: 6 RMB

Small: 4 RMB

Laboratory Tests

Complete Blood Count: 16-20 RMB

C-reactive protein: 20-40 RMB

Sedimentation Rate: 3-10 RMB

Prothrombin Time: 10-15 RMB

Blood glucose: 5-15 RMB

HbA1c: 20-50 RMB

Basic Urine Examination: 4 RMB

Basic CSF Examination: 15 RMB

Urea: 5-15 RMB

Uric acid: 5-15 RMB

Creatinine clearance: 15 RMB

H. pylori rapid detection breath test: 130 RMB

Thyroid function

T4: 30 RMB

T3: 30 RMB

FT4: 40 RMB

FT3: 40 RMB


Liver function





Albumin: 12 RMB

Bilirubin: 15 RMB

Bile acids: 15 RMB

Ammonia: 10 RMB


Cholesterol: 15 RMB

Triglycerides: 15 RMB



Lipoprotein(a): 60 RMB

Tumor markers

CEA, AFP, PSA, CA-27, CA-29, CA-50, CA-125, CA15-3, CA130, CA19-9, CA24-2, CA72-4, etc.: 30-80 RMB/each

Inorganic elements

Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Chloride, Lead: 5-30 RMB/each

Trace elements

Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Strontium, Cadmium, Mercury, Aluminum, Manganese, Molybdenum, Lithium, Arsenic, Iodine: 30 RMB/each

Therapeutic drug concentrations

Digoxin, phenytoin, theophylline, digitalis, gentamicin, lidocaine, valproic acid, ephedrine, methotrexate, vancomycin, carbamazepine, barbital: 70 RMB/each

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Standard 12 lead EKG: 20 RMB

Esophageal EKG: 25 RMB


Single organ: 10 RMB

Single organ w/ color Doppler: 20 RMB

Routine Examinations (i.e.: Abdominal, Obstetric, Chest, etc): 30 RMB

Routine Examinations w/ color Doppler: 60 RMB

X-ray (per film)

Plain films

5×7: 10 RMB

8×10: 15 RMB

10×12: 21 RMB

11×14: 24 RMB

12×15: 26 RMB

14×14: 29 RMB

14×17: 32 RMB


Standard: 10 RMB

Occlusal: 15 RMB

Panoramic: 40 RMB


Each side: 90 RMB


General (Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Limbs): 4 RMB

Esophageal barium meal examination: 15 RMB

Digital X-ray supplement

Digital X-ray (per study): 80 RMB

Computed Radiography (per study): 80 RMB


Basic fee (per area)

<0.5T: 350 RMB

0.5T – 1.5T: 450 RMB

>1.5T: 550 RMB

(“T” refers to the strength of the magnet. 1.5T is the most common.)


Functional Brain Imaging: 80 RMB

Cardiac Function: 80 RMB

Angiography: 80 RMB

Spectroscopy: 80 RMB


Basic fee (per area)

<64 slice: 170 RMB

64 slice: 200 RMB

(“Slice” refers to the level of detail the machine can provide. 64 slice is the most common.)


Contrast Enhancement: 100 RMB


Full body: 7500 RMB

Area: 4500 RMB


Systemic: 6500 RMB

Local: 3500 RMB